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National Professional Practice Examination

WPE Studio currently offers three multiple-choice-question practice exams on ethics, law, liability, and professional practice for all those who need to pass the NPPE exam in Canada to become professional engineers or geoscientists.

Our NPPE practice exams follow the format of the official NPPE exam for 13 associations of Professional Engineers and/or Geoscientists: EGBC, APEGA, APEGS, EGM, PEO, PGO, APEGNB, Engineers Nova Scotia, Geoscientists Nova Scotia, Engineers PEI, PEGNL, Engineers Yukon, and NAPEG.

Each of our NPPE practice exams consists of 110-questions, four answer choices per question with only one correct answer. The questions are developed within the scope of the official NPPE Blueprint or Syllabus. The number of questions per topic area sastisfies the distribution implied by the NPPE Candidate Guide.

Our software allows you to simulate timed exam conditions. Moreover, it allows you to review your performance, read the rationale behind the correct answers, and get access to a report to help you diagnose areas of strength and weakness.

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Engineering & Geoscience NPPE:
Law and Ethics

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If your answers are Yes, then this book is definitely for you! It matches and follows the Syllabus! Only 240 pages. All topics covered. No further research needed.

Reading our book and using our exam simulation software provides an optimal formula to master the concepts of the NPPE exam and crush the examination. Both complement each other.

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Our books and supplementary materials will give you the short, precise and yet comprehensive amount of information. You will get high quality content designed by professionals with 30+ years of industry experience.

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We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services for our clients. It is our responsibility to ensure you get the results you want. Our objective is to provide you with a lifelong learning experience by developing deep but concise study and exam practice materials that complement each other, and are straightforward, carefully thought, dynamic and comprehensive, yet condensed into their minimal extension to streamline your preparation process.

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They are designed to cover all your exam preparation needs, from real-life accreditation exam simulations to short practice quizzes. You get high quality content designed by professionals with 30+ years of industry experience. A license for any exam also entitles you to other useful features to enhance your learning, including self-contained theoretical explanations and reports with critical feedback.


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Gain the expert level knowledge to pass the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) reading our short but comprehensive book
“Engineering & Geoscience NPPE: Law and Ethics.”
Only 240 pages. All topics covered. No further research needed. It matches and follows the NPPE Syllabus or Blueprint!

Engineering & Geoscience NPPE: Law and Ethics


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