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About WPE Studio

Why we started WPE Studio?

Preparing for professional accreditation exams can be quite a strenuous task. Some enroll in preparation courses and others take it upon themselves to learn the material on their own. Whichever path you decided to take, you will need to thoroughly study and practice the topics covered in the exam’s syllabus. Although this may seem straight forward at first, you would be surprised to find out how difficult it is to extract the knowledge that you need from existing sources. Not to mention all the fluff writing used in many textbooks, which often gets in the way of your studies. WPE Studio aims to provide clients with learning content that strictly adheres to the topics covered in professional accreditation exams. Our mission is to provide the right tools and feedback to enhance your learning and guarantee results.

What makes us unique?

  • Customer-centric approach allows us to improve the product we provide over time. We are available to provide support to our clients 24/7 and want you to participate in our growth as an organization.
  • Easy access to knowledge. Everything you need in one place.
  • We guarantee results, or we give you your money back. Our clients are in good hands, and we want them to feel that way.
  • Test the product before purchase. Try our free demo now.

Our Products


  • Same question format and length as accredited exam
  • Short and full-length explanations for each question
  • Covers all topics on exam syllabus
  • Simulation of real-life exam
  • Complex


  • Shorter version of an Exam
  • Covers a specific topic of syllabus
  • Available for all topics
  • Varying question formats
  • Strengthens your understanding in specific areas
  • Moderate complexity


  • Shorter version of a Test
  • Covers high-level topics
  • Strengthens your understanding for a specific sub-topic
  • Simple question format
  • Rapid fire

Important Features

  • All questions relate to meaningful topics
  • Every question has its own explanation
  • No two questions are the same
  • Custom settings available (i.e. timer, progress bar)

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