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WPE Studio

What is WPE Studio?

WPE Studio –Worldwide Practice Examinations Studio– is a global educational services provider headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. It specializes in the preparation of candidates for a variety of official accreditation and certification exams. WPE Studio offers an industry-leading set of affordable study materials, learning aids, and computer-based tools to help candidates build knowledge, boost confidence, and excel at their exams. It uses a powerful combination of top-quality content designed by professional subject-matter experts, information technology, and proven learning techniques. Currently, WPE Studio concentrates on the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE Exam) in Canada.

Why we started WPE Studio?

Preparing for accreditation or certification exams can be quite a strenuous task. Some enroll in preparation courses and others take it upon themselves to learn the material on their own. Whichever path they decide to take, they still need to thoroughly study and practice the topics covered in the official syllabus of the exam. Although this may seem straightforward at first, they get surprised to find out how difficult it is to extract the knowledge they need from existing sources. Not to mention all the fluff writing used in many textbooks, which often gets in the way of their studies. WPE Studio aims to provide clients with learning content that is accurate, relevant, up-to-date, and adheres strictly to the topics covered in the syllabus of the professional accreditation or certification exams.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is summarized in the phrase “building knowledge.” It emanates from our key root idea: to have all candidates build knowledge through meaningful learning and critical thinking rather than have them use just rote memorization to pass an exam. Built knowledge is profound and solid and will stay with them throughout their careers and lives whereas rote memorization is superficial and weak and will fade away just a few days or even hours after the exam. Using rote memorization to satisfy in a very trivial, worthless, and unethical manner the exam requirement set by the accrediting or certifying organizations, is inconsequential, and amounts to gaming the system, which is UNETHICAL!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the ultimate hub of preparation materials for accreditation or certification exams and become the international leader in this industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help candidates build sufficient knowledge that they can use competently throughout their careers and, armed with this knowledge, excel at their accreditation or certification exams.

Our Values

Knowledge, ethics, transparency, quality, and customer service.

Our Products


  • Match and follow the official syllabus of the exam: all topics covered
  • Concise and written by subject-matter experts
  • Accurate, relevant, and up-to-date
  • Candidates do not have to venture into further research


  • Same question format and length as official accreditation or certification exams
  • Full explanation of the rationale behind the correct answers
  • Cover all topics on the exam syllabus
  • Simulation of real examination conditions
  • Complex


  • Shorter versions of an Exam
  • Cover a specific topic area of the syllabus
  • Available for all topics
  • Varying question formats
  • Strengthen your understanding in specific areas
  • Moderate complexity


  • Shorter versions of a Test
  • Cover high-level topics
  • Strengthens your understanding of a specific sub-topic
  • Simple question format
  • Rapid fire

Important features of our exams, test, and quizzes:

  • All questions relate to meaningful topics
  • Every question has its own explanation
  • No two questions are the same
  • Custom settings available (i.e. timer, progress bar, full results report)

What makes us unique?

  • Our philosophy, vision, mission, values, and products.
  • The customer-centric approach that drives us to improve the products we provide over time. We are available to provide support to our clients 24/7 and want them to participate in our growth as an organization.
  • Easy and lifelong access to knowledge. Candidates do not lose access to our books after the license duration since they will need them as a reference during their careers.
  • A one-stop shop: everything they need in one place.
  • We guarantee results, or we give their money back. Our clients are in good hands, and we want them to feel that way.
  • Our content is written by subject-matter experts.
  • Our customers test our products before purchase. They can browse and try our free demo at any time.
  • We do not foster or favor gaming the system. The purpose of an accreditation or certification process is to ensure that a candidate has built knowledge, skills, and capacity to perform competently in the area or topic he seeks to get accredited or certified in. Unfortunately, due to constraints related to time, location, numbers of candidates, and so forth, these processes use a weak tool to assess the competency of candidates, and this tool is the exam. Passing the exam is then made a requirement of those processes as a proxy for truly ensuring that a candidate is competent. And this creates an unintended effect: a juncture to game the system since an incompetent candidate can be trained with superficial techniques and much less effort to just pass the exam without ever having built the knowledge, skills, and capacity to perform competently, and this defeats the purpose of the process.

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