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Are you an engineer or geoscientist looking to take the NPPE exam?

The National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) is a 2.5-hour, closed-book, computer-based, online exam that evaluates the knowledge of ethics, law, liability, and professional practice of candidates aspiring to become professional engineers or geoscientists. In Canada, passing this examination is a prerequisite for obtaining a professional license.

WPE Studio currently offers 2 comprehensive books and 3 multiple-choice-question practice exams to help all those who need to pass the NPPE Exam.

Our books match an follow the official NPPE Blueprint. They will give you the short, precise, and yet comprehensive amount of information. (See below.)

Our practice exams follow the format of the official NPPE Exam for 13 out of the 15 Canadian Associations of Professional Engineers and/or Geoscientists: EGBC, APEGA, APEGS, EGM, PEO, PGO, APEGNB, Engineers Nova Scotia, Geoscientists Nova Scotia, Engineers PEI, PEGNL, Engineers Yukon, and NAPEG. (The 2 exceptions are PGO and OIQ, both from Quebec, which use a different but equivalent exam.)

Our software allows you to simulate timed exam conditions and non-timed practice modes. It also allows you to review your performance, read the rationale behind the correct answers, and get access to a report to help you diagnose areas of strength and weakness. Your reports are stored chronologically so that you can monitor your progress.

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Our study materials, which include 2 books and 3 practice exams, are designed to cover all your NPPE Exam preparation needs. This high-quality content is crafted by professionals with over 30 years of industry experience.


  • Accurate, relevant, and up-to-date
  • Concise and written by subject-matter experts
  • Candidates do not have to venture into further research
  • Match and follow the official NPPE Syllabus: all topics covered


  • No repeated and no trivial questions
  • Cover all topics on the NPPE Blueprint
  • Our software simulates real exam conditions
  • Same question format and length as the official NPPE exam
  • Full explanation of the rationale behind the correct answers

You can purchase our books online from various distributors. However, to access our software and practice exams, you need a license. This license not only provides access to these resources but also entitles you to additional useful features. These include learning enhancement tools such as reports that provide critical feedback.

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“Engineering & Geoscience NPPE: Law and Ethics”

Gain the expert level knowledge to pass the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) reading this short but comprehensive book.

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If your answers are Yes, then this book is definitely for you! It matches and follows the official NPPE Syllabus! Only 240 pages. All topics covered. No further research needed.

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Reading our book and using our exam simulation software provides an optimal formula to master the concepts of the NPPE Exam and crush the examination. Both complement each other.

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“NPPE Exam: 580 Q&A you need to know”

Drawing on recommended study materials, incumbent organization publications, and WPE Studio's flagship book ‘Engineering & Geoscience - NPPE: Law and Ethics,’ this book addresses one by one all key terms found upon scanning the official NPPE Blueprint!

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NPPE Exam: 580 Q&A you need to know



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