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Are there any practice tests to help me prepare for the NPPE exam?

Yes, the owners/administrators of the NPPE exam offer two banks of 50 multiple-choice-questions for $50 each; or both for $95. The questions appeared on previous exams, have English and French translations, and resemble the format of the official exam. These questions can be accessed through the following link. (NOTE: the disadvantages of these banks are that they are costly, both together contain only 100 questions when the official exam contains 110, and you lose access to them after the third trial. Nevertheless, they may be useful to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam.)

There are also some private alternatives. For example, for about the same price, WPE Studio offers three full sets of practice exams, each containing 110 different questions. The advantages of these practice exams are that they are much less costly, they follow exactly the format of the official NPPE exam, and above all, they bring an extended explanation that helps to learn or understand better the topic of the question. The platform used to deliver these practice exams is similar to the official one and allows you to simulate timed exam conditions. Not only that, but it also allows you to try the practice exams at your leisure, as many times as you need within the period of the license, and provides you comprehensive feedback, question by question, with the rationale as to why the correct answer is so. The final exam report will show the topic areas where you are strong or weak. This can help you diagnose the areas you need to pay more attention to before you take the official exam. The reports of all your complete attempts are also stored so that you can track your progress.