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How am I notified of the NPPE exam results and when?

You will be notified of your NPPE exam results only by physical mail (not by email or phone) two to three weeks after the exam and at least one week before the registration deadline for the next exam.

If you succeeded, the letter will only convey a congratulatory message and the fact that you passed the exam. You will never know your score, whether operational or equated. However, if you failed the exam, the letter will bring what NPPE examiners call a “mastery report.” This report will list the six topic areas of the NPPE blueprint/syllabus and, for each of them, your partial score plus an indication of your performance: Mastered (>70%), Borderline Mastered (55 to 69%), and Not Mastered (<55.) It will also suggest some study techniques and the areas you need to focus on for your next attempt.


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