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Who administers the NPPE Exam?

The “Direction of Examinations & NPPE” of APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) owns and administers the NPPE exam in the representation of the 13 Professional Associations that use the NPPE exam as a requirement for licensure. This means that APEGA is responsible for defining the syllabus (aka blueprint), recommending the basic study materials, preparing the questions, setting the dates for the exam, and hiring a third-party vendor to provide the computer testing and proctoring software and deliver/proctor the real-time examination process.

Currently, the third-party testing and proctoring vendor hired by APEGA is “Meazure Learning”, a company born out of the merger of a computer-based testing vendor (Yardstick) and an online proctoring service provider (ProctorU.)


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