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Why are the recommended study materials different for the associations if the NPPE exam is the same?

Different associations tend to have their candidates for licensure read a set of basic materials that is common to all associations and, in addition, their particular provincial or territorial laws, regulations, and other documents, hence the difference. However, since the NPPE exam is the same across all the associations that use it for licensure, logic would tell that the additional particular material cannot be tested as it is different for different associations.

It is worth mentioning Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (EGM) whose NPPE study materials reduce to only the following two (2) textbooks and four (4) documents without any other material particular to Manitoba (compare this with the content of our Blog: "Is there an official list of recommended study materials for the NPPE exam?").

The two (2) books that can be purchased from publishers/book retailers are:

  1. Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice & Ethics. Fifth or Sixth Edition. Gordon C. Andrews, Patricia Shaw, John McPhee.
  2. Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience. Second or Third Canadian Edition. Brian M. Samuels and Doug R. Sanders.

The four (4) documents that can be accessed freely online are:

  1. A Guide to Copyright
  2. A Guide to Industrial Designs
  3. A Guide to Patents
  4. A Guide to Trademarks

If a candidate in Manitoba can successfully pass the exam reading just this reduced list of recommended study materials, then any other candidate can surely do the same anywhere else in Canada, as the NPPE exam is the same everywhere.